Hello Beautiful Beings!

So this is our second month into our Journey to Freedom and in this month, we are going to be indulging, really indulging into self-care.

So what is self-care? What does self-care mean to you?

This can vary between people. Self-care for someone might be, having a day off work to chill. It might be treating yourself to a nutritious take-away at home, instead of cooking or going out with friends. For some of us, it might just be taking a step back and giving ourselves time to relax and just be. For others, it might be taking care of ourselves, whilst being mindful as we undertake our daily routines such as showering, brushing our teeth etc.

What does your self-care look like at the moment? Do you feel like you need a little more? Do you notice whether you self-care or not? What are your thoughts towards the idea of self-care?

Ask these questions to see where you stand.

Over this month, I am going to invite you to cultivate and set new daily or weekly self-care habits.

Why do we need to intentionally set self-care habits? Aren't they just natural to us?

Let me ask you. Do you ever experience the following?;

- Burnout?

- Stress?

- Anxiety?

- A feeling of self-defeat?

- Exhaustion?

If you answered YES to any, odds are, there's a little self-neglect in your life and it's time to make room for a little more self-care.

Don't worry! You're not alone! All of us experience this at some point in our lives. We live in a world where we get hugely rewarded if we over-work and seen as hero's if we're constantly there for others and experience burn-out as a result. - It's easy to burn-out and be stressed. Hello Self-Care! It is your time.

What can self-care do you for you?

- Helps you develop self-worth/realise your worth.

- Decreases Stress in your life

- Helps you to maintain a work-life balance

- Develops awareness and helps you towards awakening in life, so you can live a fruitful and blissful life

- Helps you to cultivate gratitude

- Gives you more energy and time for loved ones (as well as yourself of course)

- Helps you to align with your authentic self, living a full-filled life

- Reduces anxiety and helps improve mental health in general

Sound good? Go and get a piece of paper or your journal and begin to write down the following;

  1. What do you want self-care to bring into your life?

  2. What self-care activities do you already do in your life?

  3. Which activities would you like to pick up and why?

  4. Where could you make time for these activities?

Below, is a list of possible self-care activities. Choose 1-4 activities that you would like to introduce into your life. Now remember, although these are self-care activities, if we go too hard (pick too many) we have a risk of burn-out again. So, review the list below and see which ones you could add to you life right now. If it feels overwhelming, stop, and come back in a couple of week's time or perhaps even a month's time. Learn to listen to your body and what it needs, not what others say to do (at the moment, that other person is me). Tune-in and learn to assess what's nourishing for you.

Self-Care Activities;

- Self-care mantras: a word or a short sentence that you repeat through out your day. These help you to cultivate a healthy, positive mindset. Try these mantras and if they fit, write them down.

- Mindful presence in daily nurturing activities: We all have a daily routine. We wake up, get washed, dressed, eat breakfast etc. and out the door we go. For this activity, see if you can be mindful. See if you can really notice the feelings, the textures, the sounds, the energy, the emotions that exist around these habits. Try to be really in the present and look at them with curiosity. It's amazing what we take for granted, when we practice mindfulness, we cultivate gratitude and love for what is.

Mindful daily activities;

- Moisturising your body

- Brushing your teeth

- Using face, body and hair masks

- Showering

- Washing

- Bathing

- Eating

- waking up consciously, remembering dreams

- getting dressed

- making breakfast

The list goes on! Where could you add more mindfulness?

- Time-out/silence and space for yourself: Rest! You're not here to constantly do, do, do. You are allowed to just be. If you don't give yourself time to rest, to reset and nourish, what do you have left? Nothing! It's time to know your self-worth and realise it's ok to chill.

- Journaling - Learn about your habits, your love in life, your difficulties in life. Once we become conscious and aware, we can begin to change things.

- Meditation: Take a moment to sit in silence. When we invite silence, we are forced to see the truth in life. Start with 5 minutes a couple times a week, perhaps a guided meditation and see how you feel. If good, try to do it more and more within the week.

Click here for my guided meditations.

- Sitting in nature: This is probably one of the most grounding activities you could do! Perfect to help balance out anxiety, depression and burn-out. Step outside and take your time. Be mindful. Notice the sky and it's vastness. Notice trees and see the roots that they have grounded into mother earth. Notice the wildlife around you, birds, foxes, bees, butterflies, bugs! We're completely immersed in it, yet barely notice...

- Cultivate healthy eating habits: Notice if your eating patterns are healthy for you or not. Do you eat too much? Too little? Do you eat the wrong foods? (foods that don't suit your body type). Do you eat at the best time for your body? Do you eat mindfully? You are what you eat. This is a true statement. If you have nourishing food and habits, you're going to have a very nourished soul and energy.

So hopefully, this has given you some inspiration for what you'd like to invite into your life and why.

Over the next month, as you adopt some new self-care habits, I invite you to journal your experience.

How do you feel? How has it impacted your day to day life? Once we become conscious of it's positive effects, we can then imprints these behaviours in our mind and make them stick!

As always, I am here if you have any questions. Please get in touch with me on

Namaste beautiful souls!

Nat x

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