Journaling - First Month of 'Journey to Freedom'!

Hello Beautiful Beings!

So, as we all know, April is here this week and that means the beginning of our first community task for the month. Hoooraah!

I hope you are excited!

This month we are going to begin with Journaling.

So what is journaling?

Journaling is getting a piece of paper and this doesn't matter whether it's a scrap piece of paper, or a notebook, you get this piece of paper and begin you write.

That's it. You just write and write and write.

You don't need to be good at writing. You just write your thoughts as and when they come. Journaling can look like paragraphs of writing. It can look like a few expressive words or phrases. It can look like a poem, a song, a picture or visualisation! It's a true expression of you! - No need to impress anyone, it's for your eyes only!


As I'm sure you all would have heard of... journaling has so many benefits! The list is endless, but here are a few below to help you understand what journaling could do for you...

Reduces Stress + Anxiety: Journaling allows us to express ourselves without the fear of rejection. Yes, it's still a little scary knowing that our thoughts and feelings are going down on a piece of paper that anyone at any second could nab and get a hold of... But! If you want you could always destroy that specific embarrassing entry - hello mini bonfire. ;)

Increases Self-confidence: The more we get to know ourselves, the more confident we can become. Often it is the fear of not knowing what cripples our ability to stand tall and fight for the life we want.

Achieve Goals: Journaling gives us time to self-reflect, ask what do we want in life? 'What is happening in my life that needs changing?', 'What do I love in life?' etc. Once we have these questions answered, we can then move towards the life we dream of!

Helps us to track our progress and growth: So after we've set those goals, journaling helps us to keep on track, assess what's going on and notice what areas we are doing good and bad in. We can then, change what we need to, or work on what we need to, to move forward.

Connects us to our values and emotions: A lot of the time, we are not conscious of our emotions, which is crazy as it's our emotions that control how live out our life. To take a step forward in the right direction, you need to understand your body and emotions. Only then can you navigate your way through YOUR life and see what kind of lifestyle you need in order to thrive.

Record ideas and thoughts on the go: How many ideas and thoughts do we have passing through our minds in the day? THOUSANDS! How many do you keep? How many escape you? I'm betting the latter is your most common scenario? Creativity and problem solving is in our blood! If we write down our thoughts and ideas, it gives us a chance to come back to them and utilise them in a way that we'd like to.

Creates Clarity: How many times have you found clarity when talking to a friend about a problem or issue? Or just even discussing a great idea? Lots, I bet? Journaling is like talking to a friend. You get your thoughts out there. Out of your head and in a manageable order.

What Type of Journaling Can We Do?

See the list below - what type of journaling do you think could benefit you? Remember, it doesn't have to be just one. It can be multiple. It could be all of them! I most certainly to most of them all the time.

- Stream of consciousness: writing our thoughts as and when they come.

- Fitness: writing how our body, emotion, energy, metal health feels in a moment in time.

- Food: tracking what foods have a certain affect on us. How we eat. What we eat. When we eat. Why we eat.

- Dreams: dream diary, I can't say much on this matter as I do not personally do this one. If you believe your dreams are trying to speak to you and tell you something, it's time to get tracking!

- Gratitude: What are you grateful for in life? - This is one of my favourites to help with mental health.

- Sketching: What could your drawings help you to express?

- Recording day events: What happened in the day? What did you experience? What did you like? Not like?

- To do lists: This has been a God send for me. If you're anything like me and have a 101 ideas and 'things to do', writing the down can really de-stress you by creating order in your life.

How To Get Started?

1. Buy a journal/notebook. You could just get a few pieces of scrap paper, but I find that when I specifically go out to buy a book and make an effort, it shows that I am committed to beginning this journey.

2. Choose 1-3 benefits (from the list above) that you think you'd like to achieve? This part is setting your goal.

3. Choose how you'd like to journal to reach your goal (choose from the list above) .

4. Commitment. I invite you to journal at least once a day! If you're part of the 'Journey to Freedom' group, I will be checking in with you to help you stick to this.

5. Hold yourself accountable. Tell a friend, partner, or family member, or join my 'Journey to Freedom' group. When you tell someone about it, it makes it real.

6. Begin! Write down anything to begin with. Just start. Once you've started, you've eaten that frog! (Frog = The Queen of procrastination!- the first thing you tackle to overcome procrastination).

Below are great questions to help you begin. To help you to find yourself and dig deeper. These all begin with 'Why?'.

- Why do I do this?

- Why am I finding this so hard?

- Why has this happened again?

- Why do I feel this way?

- Why am I stuck.

Follow these 'Why' questions with 'What'.

- What can I do to change this?

- What do I need to do to feel differently?

- What habit would I like to cultivate?

- What is my dream life?

These are great questions to get you started on your journey to freedom. Your journey to understanding - who am I? Only when we know ourselves inside and out can we finally make the changes we need to.

I hope this helps you to get you started on your journaling journey!

Journaling has given me so many answers in my life and gets me closer and closer to freedom everyday.

I hope it can do the same for you!

Nat x

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