I love myself. I forgive myself.

Sometimes in life, we mess up - or so it is made to believe that we 'mess up'. But who is this according to? Sometimes our mess ups are on a big scale. Most of the time on a little scale (hello, binge-eating 10 doughnuts in one go).

The world is striving more towards perfection everyday. We are able to manipulate information and portray to the public, a product or lifestyle, in the most perfect way possible.

The world is shown to us through a perfect lense as we get most of our information from fiddled materials through social media, mainstream media, magazines etc.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way we forgot to remind ourselves that we are in fact human, not an air-brushed, size 0 model, flawless on a ginormous bill-board ad, smiling because apparently she has it all.

More and more we are becoming harsh on ourselves, because we do not seem to be meeting today’s standards of ‘perfection’. We are never working enough, we are never doing enough, we are never striving towards enough ‘goals’.. Shout out if you’re with me!?

To meet this standard is impossible.

And it’s so sad, because we are experiencing more feelings of shame, self-doubt, self-hatred towards ourselves as we all try to live out our life in the most ‘perfect’ way we can.

But I am here today to tell you that this perfection is not real and YOU ARE, in fact,enough.

You will always be perfectly, imperfect. So, whatever you have done, that you were not so proud of or that you didn’t think was enough, whichever way you did not conform to the perfected standards of today’s society - I invite you to close your eyes, place your hand on your heart and repeat the following mantra;

‘I am enough’

Then repeat the next mantra for all those self-critical thoughts and feelings you have felt towards yourself for not being perfect. Because let me tell you, you are.

You are enough and if you need to change a behaviour for the better, if it truly leads you to happiness and joy, you can do no more than try again tomorrow.’ If you ‘fail’, it’s ok. You are still living, you are still breathing and you are enough right here, right now, in this moment.

When you catch your-self with those harsh thoughts, take a moment, close your eyes and repeat;

‘I am love, I forgive myself’,

‘I am love, I forgive myself’,

‘I am love, I forgive myself’.

'I forgive myself for being hard on myself, for not giving my mind, body and soul a break. I am trying the best I can, with what I know.

I will commit to learning and growing so I can adopt new ways of thinking that let my light shine bright.

I will adopt new uplifting and healthy comforting behaviours (leaving those doughnuts in the shop window).

I forgive myself for being hard on myself and know that I am love and I deserve all the love in the whole wide world - like every other being in this world too.

Life is not perfect and so I will continue to dance in the rain and enjoy every bit of it.

I love myself, I forgive myself.

Tomorrow is a new day and I will lead with my heart and smile within as I know I am worthy of love by just being enough.'

We are all human, we are not perfect and we will always make mistakes - That's a pinky promise right there! But, you are good enough just as you are.

You are love and are loved. You are a vibrant beautiful energy. You are divine.

Lead with your heart. You know you can :).



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