Come and Join The Community!

Hey Yogi's!

I am excited to share with you 'Journey To Freedom', a community space, that I will be launching on the 1st of April, 2021.

This space is for anyone who is looking to make a positive change in their life, but with the support of others.

Each month I will be announcing new self-help topic or 'challenge' if you like.. that will help you on the journey of self-discovery and self-development.

This year in lockdown has been so hard on so many of us and the biggest factor missing has been community. We have been isolated from friends and family who would normally be able to support us on our journey of growth.

So this is why I have created the 'Journey To Freedom' community.

How will it work?

- It's totally FREE

- We will communicate through a WhatsApp Group and very occasionally Online (Email + Zoom). (I will need your number and email).

- At the beginning of every month, I will announce a new self-help topic/activity to part-take in. We have three weeks to trial this new habit/activity out.

- I will check in daily for the first 4 days and then every three days. In the WhatsApp, you can share your progress/journey with us all - or you can keep it to yourself also! Whatever will work best for you. :)

- You could also show your progress on your instagram story too! Let the world know you're making changes! Woop!

- At the end of the three week's I will be gifting you a FREE Yoga class to celebrate our super duper efforts.

- This WhatsApp group is a place for people to connect, support and create the life that they would like to live. - To find freedom in their true self.

What will this community help you to do? '

- To help you to hold yourself accountable for new habits that you'd like to adopt, by having support/cheerleaders from other community members + me! Your main cheerleader! ;)

- To help you to speak your truth, by being surrounded by like-minded individuals.

- Supports the change you wish to make in your life.

If this sounds exciting to you, come and join!

Just pop me an email at with your number and say 'Hey! I'd love to join the community!'.

Or email and ask a question if you have any :).

So excited! Hope you are too!

Speak soon,


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