Your Questions answered...

What do I need for class?

For online Zoom classes, please try to have the following so you can get the most out of your classes :).

- Yoga mat 

- Yoga brick/block or a small cusion. 

- Blanket for Savasana at the end (the part where we completely relax! ahhh... )

- Water, for hyrdration of course :). 

What should I wear?

- Yoga clothes

- Fitted sports clothes

- Stretchy clothes 

Clothes you can squat in, stretch in, go upside down in and clothes that make you feel amazingly comfortable! 

Are your classes for beginners?

The classes are open classes which means there will be variations for each pose we transition through. Classes are for both for beginners and intermediate. 

If you would like to chat before you book, send me an email or pop me a DM on Instagram @yoga.withnatalie.